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This week I am proud to announce the public launch of our new visual reporting tool, qMap. qMap is the first visual mapping solution for Agile testing teams. . This marks an exciting next step for our company as we continue to enhance our of best-in-class testing platform designed to help companies deliver high quality software while moving at an agile pace.

There has been very little innovation in the area of test reporting over the past 25 years. Testing managers are forced to rely on static and manually entered reports that provide a lot of information but very few insights.

Our goal was to create a better reporting tool for testing and development leaders that provides actionable insights into software quality so they can clearly understand the risks associated with a release.

As testers do exploratory testing, all the session information is captured and fed into qMap. qMap then provides a visual heat map of the test allowing you to see all the testing details including:

Who the testers are

What’s been tested

When the test took place

What sprint the test was for

Any bugs or notes associated with the test

The ability to easily drill down and get more information.

This visual display allows development teams to quickly identify areas with a concentration of defects or gaps in testing coverage. You can watch a short video about qMap below.

While, qMap gives you a high level view of where the defects are in the application, you can easily drill down for more information. qMap is integrated with leading Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools like Jira, Rally and VersionOne, so testers can easily click a link in qMap and go directly to the defect record in the ALM. This helps increase team efficiency during the testing process.

qMap has actually been in beta since April and our customers are very excited about its potential. According to Abdul Khan, Senior Director eCommerce Delivery at Office Depot, “qMap is a game changer for my team. Not only does it provide real insights into the health of our applications, it also allows us to quickly solve issues when they occur. This is especially beneficial in delivering on our critical priorities, one of which is the realization of a new, state-of-the-art eCommerce platform that we’ll launch in August of this year.”

We believe that qMap’s visualization of application health and quality will transform the way testing teams work and we are thrilled to get this tool in the hands of our users. This is uncharted territory and cannot wait to get feedback that will make qMap even better.

If you are interested in learning more about qMap, you can watch this informational webinar here

For a personal demo of qMap, fill out this form and one of our experts will contact you.

Congratulations to the entire QASymphony team this exciting release. As they say in Vietnam, “Mot, hai, ba, YO” or “Cheers”!

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