Hot off the press: qTest 7.0 released!

We are very excited to announce our latest release, qTest 7.0!  qTest’s new features are designed to help software testing teams get more efficient and effective. Click here to view a recording of the new features overview webinar.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new features:

Integration with Jenkins & Bamboo

qTest now offers new plugins that integrate seamlessly with Jenkins and Bamboo, helping make your continuous integration process more efficient.

qtest test management jenkins bamboo integration

When creating builds in Jenkins or Bamboo, your JUnit test results can be sent directly to qTest as test runs and test logs. This lets your team review the quality of your build process over time and across different environments, helping you quickly identify problem areas.

Cross-project Reports

Need a high-level summary of your testing results across different projects?

cross project reporting qtest test case management

qTest now offers cross-project reports, giving leaders better visibility into the overall performance of their testing teams and the ability to identify areas of opportunity. This new feature allows users to view test execution summary data, testing velocity and test execution status with defect reports across multiple projects

Real-Time Test Execution Information in JIRA

Constantly clicking back and forth between different applications creates a lot of inefficiency in the development process.

qtest test execution data in JIRA

Now qTest gives you a real-time view of all your test execution information right in JIRA, so developers and testers share the same exact information without having to jump into a different application.

qTest eXplorer Quick Start

qtest explorer quick start

qTest eXplorer is making exploratory testing even easier. The new “Quick Start” feature automatically starts recording your exploratory testing session when you open frequently tested apps. No need to waste time with the setup process — just open the app and start exploring.

For more information on qTest 7.0, check out the release notes on our support community or download the qTest 7.0 brochure.

qtest test management

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