Hear the ‘Stuff You Should Know’ Podcasters Discuss AI Live at Quality Jam 2018

For the second year in a row, Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark, co-hosts of the Stuff You Should Know podcast, will take the stage at Quality Jam Atlanta. This year, they’ll be exploring the question, “Should we start bowing now to our future AI masters?”

Currently the sixth-most popular podcast on the iTunes Store, the Atlanta-based Stuff You Should Know podcast covers everything from vocal fry and other speech trends to the Antikythera mechanism. The podcast, which has aired more than 1,000 episodes, has made appearances at leading events such as South by Southwest, Comic-Con and Quality Jam to enlighten and entertain attendees.

This year’s session, which will cover recent AI advancements and public fears about its future, will certainly give attendees something to think about. Here’s the full session description from the Quality Jam website:

Do you ever wonder about the future, about what lies in store for humankind? Well here’s one potential path we may end up on: Being bossed around by a threatening and psychologically manipulative artificial intelligence that rules the world. Sure, laugh now, but if you take a peek at just how much we depend on intelligent machines already and just how smart they’re starting to get – well, you just may stop laughing and start worrying a little.

Join Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark, co-hosts of the popular podcast Stuff You Should Know, as they lead you on a hilarious-but-also-kind-of-grim tour of humanity’s possible enslavement and what QA can do to save the world.

Last year’s session with Chuck and Josh was both an attendee and QASymphony staff favorite, so we’re thrilled to welcome them back for an encore presentation. Chuck and Josh’s session is scheduled for April 10 at 4:30. We hope to see you there!

To register for Quality Jam, visit the website.

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