How to Get Your Boss to Send You to Quality Jam (and other cool conferences too!) + 2018 Preview Video

Anyone who’s been to Quality Jam will tell you it’s an incredible, uplifting experience. (Last year, 94 percent of attendees said they would recommend the conference to a colleague.) Take a look at our latest video, which shares some highlights from last year’s event, and see for yourself:


But you’ll need a compelling pitch if you’re going to convince your boss to pick up the tab. The following tips will help you prepare for the conversation and build a strong case.

  1. Know your audience

Consider your boss’s strategic priorities. How could sending you to Quality Jam help them get there? Whether your team needs to give executives more insight into how QA contributes to application quality, or your team has been asked to scale test automation strategy or streamline developer-tester workflows to reduce cycle times, the customer day at Quality Jam is designed to help you make the most of qTest. Get your questions answered, learn best practices from QASymphony’s product managers and company leaders, and leave with insights that you can apply right away to streamline testing processes and maximize your investment in qTest.

Showing that you’re in touch with your company’s strategic priorities, and demonstrating how this knowledge will help you contribute in a meaningful way, could help tip the scales in your favor.

  1. Gain perspective that helps you approach quality more strategically

If you’re more interested in attending for the industry education, take a look at the speaker lineup on the Quality Jam website to determine which sessions would be most valuable to you and your team.

Suppose your team is interested in automating more of your testing, but held back by its inherent complexities. Bryan Osterkamp, Lead Technical Architect at USAA, will share best practices for testing infrastructure and automation tooling, based on years of experience with a wide variety of frameworks and tools.

Or maybe you’re interested in doing more with DevOps. Attending DevOps expert Brian Dawson’s session on the four stages of DevOps maturity will give you a practical framework for understanding where you are today, and the steps you need to take to incorporate more DevOps processes. Dawson will also share ways that QA teams can accelerate DevOps transformation — that’s practical knowledge that could help elevate the status of your entire team.

  1. Know the cost — and the value — of attendance

At just $399, Quality Jam is one of the more affordable conferences for testers out there. In addition to learning more about optimizing your use of the qTest Platform, you’ll spend two days fully immersed in the latest trends, technologies and methodologies leading enterprises are using today to transform quality into a strategic initiative.

You’ll hear from industry experts about emerging trends in software quality and meet face-to-face with QASymphony employees and like-minded testers, QA managers, VPs and even CIOs with whom you can share ideas and best practices both during and after the conference. Walking away with a better perspective on where QA is headed can help you contribute to conversations about not only strategies your team should be using, but also where you should be focusing your energy to get results. That’s pretty valuable.

If your boss still isn’t sold on making the investment, there are a few ways to knock the price down even lower. Bring three of your teammates, and tickets are just $299 apiece. Or, if you’re a QASymphony customer, get in touch with you customer success manager to find out about promotional codes.

Still don’t feel confident about approaching your boss about conference attendance? As Jeremy Goldman writes in Inc., “Have some dirt on them. Have evidence of a mistress or embezzlement? That always helps. I’m kidding. Sort of.”

Need more resources to help pitch attendance? Let us know in the comments! And good luck – we hope to see you at Quality Jam Atlanta April 10 – 11!

2 comments on How to Get Your Boss to Send You to Quality Jam (and other cool conferences too!) + 2018 Preview Video

  1. Avatar Rama Parlapalli says:

    Hi, I would like to know the cost of the conference and also the details.

    1. Lanier Norville Lanier Norville says:

      Hi Rama, tickets are $399 apiece, and you you can use the promo code Blog100 to receive $100 off! You can read all the details about the conference at Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

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