Didn’t make it to Quality Jam Atlanta 2018? Watch all of our recorded sessions on demand.

Couldn’t make it to all the sessions you wanted to see at Quality Jam Atlanta 2018 last month? Here are the links to all the sessions we recorded, so you can see what you missed or watch an encore of your favorites.

Day One Sessions

Opening Keynote: Welcome to Quality Jam presented by Dave Keil

As the pace of software development accelerates, a strategic approach to QA is helping today’s leading organizations ensure that the quality of their products does not suffer, but in fact, improves. Join QASymphony CEO, Dave Keil, as he provides his perspective on this significant industry shift and how QASymphony is responding and shares key company news.

4Qs of Devops: Understanding the DevOps Journey Through Use of a Simple Maturity Model presented by Brian Dawson

In the opening keynote at Quality Jam Atlanta 2018, Brian Dawson, DevOps Evangelist at Cloudbees, reviews the organizational DevOps journey using a simplified maturity model. In this session, you’ll learn the characteristics of organizations within each quadrant, as well as strategies for accelerating your organization’s journey to DevOps maturity.

Transform Culture Using DevOps Principles

In this presentation, Ashley Hunsberger describes how Blackboard is using DevOps principles—collaborative practices, iterative improvements, incremental testing, and more—to transform their development culture so everyone owns quality.

USAA: What To Do When Everyone Wants a Different Testing Tool

Learn how USAA has overcome the challenges of the ever-increasing variety of testing tools available by providing tool choice, while still maintaining best in class tooling support and integration into its delivery pipeline.

Sterling Talent Solutions: Tips to Transition Your Team to Test

The transition to test automation can be daunting. In this session, learn targeted steps you can take to set your team up for success, brought to you by Erika Chestnut, Director of Quality Assurance at Sterling Talent Solutions.

Effective Quality Leadership presented by Adam Satterfield

Are you interested in learning how to more effectively lead a group of quality professionals? Or are you curious about what it takes to become a leader? In this session, Adam Satterfield, Technology Program Director at Anthem, guides us through the challenges, pitfalls and highlights of effective quality leadership.

Digital Disruption and Where Quality Fits In

Listen to our panel on “Digital Disruption and Where Quality Fits In” with Matt Diamond, Executive Director, Business Systems and Quality at Dell SecureWorks, Christina Critzer, SVP Intelligent Automation at Suntrust, and Todd Joseph, Technical/Executive Consultant at Joseph Consulting.

Day Two Sessions

Disruption Through Data-driven Dialogue

In a keynote session at Quality Jam, Jeff Arnold, the founder of How Stuff Works and WebMD, explores how his latest company, Sharecare, is leveraging data to disrupt the healthcare industry. Technology alone cannot improve outcomes, Arnold says — rather you must establish trust and build rapport with your users to affect positive change in their lives.

Continuous Integration and How It Affects Testing presented by Paul Merrill

In this session, Paul Merrill, Founder of Beaufort Fairmont, discusses where continuous integration originated, how it has evolved over time and why it is such a major part of the competitive landscape of software development today.

Five Steps to Make Migrating Test Management Solutions Less Daunting

In this session, Sneha Crews, Director of Support Services at Checkpoint Technologies, addresses common mistakes and issues that occur when migrating from one test management solution to another.

USA TODAY: Deliver Faster and Accelerate Performance Using qTest Insights

Learn how a streamlined test automation strategy has improved the effectiveness of continuous integration (CI) pipelines and overall product quality

Transamerica: A Single Source of Truth for Automated and Manual Test Case Results in qTest

Learn how Transamerica’s QA team has improved quality, increased transparency, optimized regression testing and reduced the compliance burden using end-to-end testing.

Katalon: Mobile and Browser-Based Automation

Listen to Nilesh Patel, Director of Testing Services at KMS, and Kyle McMeekin, Director of Technology Alliances at QASymphony, discuss the do’s and don’ts when creating or redefining your automation strategy.

Communicating Risk Because You Can’t Test Everything presented by Jenny Bramble

In this session, Jenny Bramble, Software Test Engineer at WillowTree, talks about building a risk matrix and why we should even bother. You’ll come out of the talk with a helpful language that you can use to communicate more clearly and an understanding of risk assessment. Included will be a heavy dose of jokes, storytelling, anecdotes and pictures of her cat Dante.

Agile and DevOps QA Transformation in the Financial Services World

In this session, Deepika Mamnani, Principal at Capgemini, shares what agile QA transformation means to the financial industry.

Software Testing in the Real World

In this session, hear industry leaders have an earnest — but not too serious — discussion of today’s top testing challenges.

2 comments on Didn’t make it to Quality Jam Atlanta 2018? Watch all of our recorded sessions on demand.

  1. Avatar BRENDA L GILPATRICK says:

    I was an atendee at quality jam 18 in atlanta and i remember a keynote about AI with a pair of podcasters, but i cannot seem to remember their names or find anything on the site or a recording of the session. Can you help me locate their names or a recording of the session

    1. Lanier Norville Lanier Norville says:

      Hi Brenda, that was Chuck and Josh from the Stuff You Should Know podcast. That wasn’t one of the sessions we recorded this year, but if you liked them and want to hear more from them, their podcast is great!

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