Meet Dave Keil, our new CEO

Our new CEO. David Keil is looking forward to meeting many of our customers at the Atlassian Summit in San Jose in the coming weeks. As a pre-conference introduction, Dave shared a few of his insights on QASymphony’s future.

What was exciting to you about joining QASymphony?

I had the good fortune to work in leadership roles with several technology companies over the past 25 years. When I met co-founders Josh Lieberman and Vu Lam, it was clear to me they were high quality people who I could collaborate with and learn from. I was hoping to find the right group of people who I felt I could work well with and share mutual respect and I found it at QASymphony.

I’ve had success in my career both on the strategic side and with sales and marketing. It seemed to me that my skill set would be valued and highly complementary to QASymphony.
I believe QASymphony is heading directly into a market dynamic of accelerated growth as Agile ramps up and is further embraced by the more mature customer set.

What are your thoughts about the market?

I like to spend time with customers — since that’s where key insights come from. For example, we’re seeing passion in the development and testing world around agile testing. Because of that there seems to be definite pent-up demand in the market for a more advanced, more sophisticated solution that allows for exploratory testing.

We serve a segment of the market that has not historically received a lot of attention from newer, innovative entrants. At the same time, many of the legacy providers have not invested in the innovations you would expect. It’s a very exciting and vibrant time for us.

You recently visited Vietnam, where many QASymphony employees live. How was that experience?

I’ve traveled quite a bit in my career… to South America and Europe but I’ve not done much traveling in Asia.

My first trip to Vietnam was outstanding. It exceeded my expectations on many levels. Vietnam is fascinating because of the energy and vibrancy of its people. They are so optimistic about the future, and have so much energy and passion about their work. The business environment there has improved dramatically and opened up, creating terrific opportunities. The people are incredibly talented and take pride in their culture. It was also important to see firsthand how testing offers a market where QASymphony is poised for success.

How will your past experience guide QASymphony to the next level?

Over the next few months we’ll focus on our long-term strategic planning. These plans are dynamic and not designed to be rigid because they’re open to change. It’s important to let the team know where we’re headed. I’ll leverage my experience around sales leadership in growing a strong and motivated sales team.

Another area of focus is our ability to strengthen the balance sheet and bring outside investment to complement existing investments. We have a promising future and I look forward to injecting some financial sophistication into the company over the short and long term. There’s a high chance for success.

How do you like to spend your free time when not in the office?

I’ve been married for 19 years and I have two young children, an 11-year old daughter and a boy who is 14. As proud as I am about what I’ve accomplished in business, I’m even more proud about my role as a father; that’s been the most important job I’ve had in my life.

Also, I’m very passionate about baseball. I’ve been a longtime New York Mets fan. People like to joke with me because as a fan, it has been quite humbling. But it builds a lot of character.

Dave brings years of rich executive leadership experience, having previously served as CEO of Digistrive, Inc. of Atlanta, a provider of e-commerce solutions, as well as being CEO of Integrated Broadband Services, a software and services company. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a BS in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Brown University. More about Dave’s background.

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