Dave Keil and Brian Dawson Highlight QA’s Critical Role in Digital Transformation at Quality Jam 2018

Quality Jam Atlanta got started today with a bang — literally! The conference kicked off with a performance from the Atlanta Falcons Drumline.

Dave Keil: Today is a Great Day for Quality

Then, Dave Keil took the stage to talk about why today is a great day for quality. Keil talked about the incredible change he’s witnessed in the industry over the last few years. “Quality is undergoing a transformation, from a singular process at the end of the development lifecycle into a strategic enabler of business success,” Keil said.

More and more organizations are taking a strategic approach to quality to ensure that as they continue to accelerate the pace of development, the quality of their products does not suffer, but in fact, improves. Here’s a quick summary of Keil’s perspective of quality’s critical role in digital transformation.


Brian Dawson: Software Is Eating the World

That sentiment was echoed in Brian Dawson’s keynote, in which he discussed how organizations can apply a maturity model to their own DevOps transformations. Dawson, a DevOps evangelist and coach at CloudBees, said that when businesses enable testers with the tools to test early and test often, they catch bugs in the code as it is written, not weeks later, after they’ve had a chance to cause downstream effects which cause them to be significantly more expensive and more time-consuming to fix.

As the pace of digital transformation accelerates, the strategic importance of quality is only going to grow. Dawson reminded us that Marc Andreessen’s now-famous expression “software is eating the world” is more true than ever today. More organizations than ever are developing software, which they are leveraging to deliver more engaging customer experiences, create new revenue streams and stay competitive in a software-driven world.

A recent study by the Brookings Institution found that even in traditional industries like architecture, mining and extraction, and pharmaceuticals, an astounding number of firms are investing in software development. In data processing, for instance, among firms that classify themselves as innovative, nearly 100 percent are investing in software development today.

That means that their competitors are investing in software development as well, and leveraging DevOps methods to ensure their products get to market quickly. DevOps has the goal of creating better software faster. The businesses that are succeeding in this environment are the ones who embed a culture of QA inside the culture of DevOps in order to ensure they are prioritizing not just the speed of their releases, but also the quality of their releases.

QASymphony’s Vision For the Future

Keil described QASymphony’s vision to become the centralized hub that enables enterprises to embrace the diverse tool sets that will accelerate their digital transformation journey, and to embed quality as a strategic element of software development across the entire SDLC.

The companies that succeed at this will be the ones that will succeed in today’s digital landscape, Keil said, and ultimately, shape the future of our world. To learn more about what’s in store for QASymphony’s qTest platform, don’t miss tomorrow’s product keynote at 1 p.m.

Other Day 1 Highlights

Other day one highlights included presentations from testing leaders at The Home Depot, Sterling Talent Solutions, SauceLabs, API Fortress, USAA and more.

After lunch, tech executives took the stage for the panel, “Digital Disruption and Where Quality Fits in.” Guests included Matt Diamond, Executive Director of Business Systems and Quality at Dell SecureWorks and Christina Critzer, SVP of Intelligent Automation at Suntrust and Todd Joseph, Technical/Executive Consultant at Joseph Consulting. Then Chuck and Josh from the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast took the stage to answer the question, “Should We Start Bowing Now To Our Future AI Masters?”

Finally, attendees joined the QASymphony staff for a raucous celebration at New Realm Brewing on the Atlanta Beltline, complete with a performance by Howie the magician. The only way to describe Howie’s performance: On fire!

We’ve got more great sessions lined up on Wednesday, including Sharecare CEO Jeff Arnold. Check out today’s lineup — and if you weren’t able to join us in Atlanta, check back soon for full session recordings!

2 comments on Dave Keil and Brian Dawson Highlight QA’s Critical Role in Digital Transformation at Quality Jam 2018

  1. Avatar Kevin Williams says:

    When are the full session recordings and slides going to be posted? I was present at the event, but would like to share them with my co-workers.

    1. Lanier Norville Lanier Norville says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I’m glad you could join us at Quality Jam! Full session recordings with slides will be posted in a few weeks when processing is complete. I’ll publish a blog post with links to each session as soon as they’re available.

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