How Do I Convince My Boss We Need a New Software Testing Tool?

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At QASymphony, we have tons of people signing up for free trials of our software testing tool every day.  We always follow up with these prospects to see how their trial experience is going and talk to them about joining the QASymphony family. We have found that in many cases, the people doing the trial are very excited about our solutions.  They clearly see the value.  They understand how our software can help them get more efficient and improve software quality.  But, in many cases, our prospects will come back to us and say, “I really want your software, but I just can’t convince my boss.”

Understandably, many people who work in software testing haven’t spent their career trying to sell.  They’ve been busy testing software and building their skills in that area.  That’s why we’ve created the Executive Value Guide ebook.  This resource will help you make the case to your executive team for modern software testing tools.
Download the Free “Executive Value Guide” ebook
software testing tool Guide

Contents in the ebook include:

  • The impact of agile development on software testing
  • Why agile testers need agile tools
  • Key facts that your executives need to know
  • Answers to the most common questions that your executive team will ask:
    • How will this software save us money?
    • Can we measure the effectiveness of the software?
    • Who is going to manage technical support for the software?
    • Can we improve productivity using this software?
    • How can this software maximize my investment in software testing?
    • How difficult will it be to implement?

Additionally, the ebook has a template that you can use to determine the ROI on your software investment.  It gives you everything you will need to sell your boss on why modern software tools are a must-have for your team.

ROI of software testing tools

Download the Executive Value Guide today and start working smarter, testing faster and creating better software.

Looking for other great resources to get in front of your boss? Explore our Resource Library for a full list of free resources.

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