Column Technologies, Atlassian, & QASymphony DevOps Event Recap

Big thanks to our partner Column Technologies for hosting a DevOps round table event with QASymphony and Atlassian last week in NYC!

The event focused on how to accelerate your DevOps initiative with a team based approach underpinned by Atlassian + QASymphony’s “Platform approach” to improve software manufacturing. Atlassian covered software automation with Quality delivery and our own, Kevin Dunne, addressed how to build better collaboration between development and testers in a DevOps world.

“In real world DevOps, the question is not “Do you have test automation?” …Rather it is “ How are you approaching your test automation?””

How can teams align for quick and accurate feedback on quality?

  1. Promote Collaboration drive an agile approach with collaboration across all teams
    The old Silo-ed Approach vs The New Matrix Approach

    Top 3 capabilities needed to foster collaboration:

    1. Visibility into Testing for all teams (Dev, BA, Operations)
    2. Real Time Status Updates between JIRA and other systems
    3. Consolidated and Customizable dashboarding- across projects
  2. Clarify Up Front– Adopt a Test-First Approach will remove the risk of having to make compromises at the end of the cycle on quality or on-time delivery.
  3. Integrate Feedback- Integrate Testing Directly with Builds
    Top 3 Capabilities needed to Integrate feedback early:

    1. Exploratory Testing Support
    2. CI/Build tool Integration
    3. Customizable workflows and pipeline automation

    Benefits of BDD:

    – Organization and Guidance: BDD offers more precise guidance on organizing the conversation between developers, testers, and domain experts.
    – Easy Transition to Automation: Tools targeting a BDD approach generally afford the automatic non-technical and end user documentation from BDD “Specifications”.
    – Collaboration: Notations have an everyday language and have a shallower learning curve compared to other automation frameworks.

  1. Presentation Slides Below:

    Thank you to everyone who attended and let us know if there are any topics you would like for us to consider for future webinars/events by tweeting us at @QASymphony or emailing

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