Biz DevOps – Delivering Business Value Quickly at Scale [Webinar Recap]

Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar, “Biz DevOps- Delivering Business Value Quickly at Scale”, yesterday afternoon with our partner cPrime. In this webinar, industry experts Brandon Cipes, Kevin Dunne, and Bobby Smith covered innovative strategies and benefits of a properly implemented DevOps program.

The Pace of software development is moving faster than ever and the move to DevOps is clear!

Quick Stats: 94% of organizations are practicing agile development, and 71% of organizations have or are planning a DevOps initiative in their company within the next year.

We want quicker time to customer value, better alignment between business & customers, and better ability to respond to customer input. But what does that mean for QA? Getting the Biz back into DevOps!

What is BizDevOps? It is bringing the business stakeholders into DevOps in order to confidently validate that  business processes work end-to-end across single or multiple applications.

We are seeing practices like behavior-driven development (BDD) and Test-driven development (TDD) becoming more popular, and a 78% increase in teams doing BDD.

Bobby elaborated on the Three Amigos in BDD and the concept of Living Documentation.

​You want to be able to trace back what part of your system is flawed and tie a specification to the code for better traceability. Specification by example fits into the same problem domain that DevOps is trying to solve.

Brandon, Bobby, and Kevin also went through the breakdown of the 5 major problems in DevOps Adoption.

  1. Lack of Test Automation Coverage: Makes it difficult to release frequently without conflicts. The solution is the concept of BDD. It fits in with DevOps and promotes the use of test cases.
  2. Lack of Visibility makes test automation harder: Testing is a function of the business. As we move towards more automated testing, there is a loss in translation and visibility into what the tests do and mean.
  3. Maintaining test versions with code: Aligning tests with traceability is difficult. One solution: Storing tests in version control. It gives a sense of test converging and moving with the code.
  4. Maintaining single source of truth is nightmare: You must get people together and collaborate. Understand what the business wants. Brandon referred back to  the 3 amigos BDD process.
  5. What is the business value in the pipeline?  Agile Upstream vs Agile Downstream. “If you can’t put an ROI to it, it’s hard to get approval for these initiatives.“  When teams get this, they are going faster.

“ If time is money, this is how you make your case.” – Brandon Cipes

​Here are some Key Takeaways from the webinar:

  1. ​BDD can help with alignment and building automation more efficiently.
  2. Testing is increasingly technical and should be treated as code.
  3. The Atlasssian Stack provides the system of record for “BizDevOps” pipeline and should be accessible to everyone and built to provide visibility to C-Suite.

​Bonus Questions:

Q: How do we convince people that this is important to do?

A: The cost of what it takes. Refer to the testing pyramid, the costs of tests, and the maintenance. In today’s world of devops, the business wants us to move fast because of the competition. The business is going to buy the value and the value sells itself.

“In a devops world, quality is everyone’s concern.”

Q: Is automation a necessity for doing BDD?

A: It’s not required but it goes hand in hand. Just as many teams are doing agile upstream vs agile downstream. Reducing documentation, consolidate requirements & test documentation. Most teams want to get to the point where they are writing as automated tests, and write code for the application afterwards. Specification by example helps the developer when they want to practice TDD. -Kevin Dunne

View the Full Webinar Here.

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Thank you to everyone who attended, and let us know if there are any topics you would like for us to consider for future webinars by tweeting us at @QASymphony or emailing

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