Believe it or not, A cool use of video for beta testing.

Here at QASymphony, we firmly believe video is NOT the best way to document defect records.  The files are large, unwieldy, and difficult to navigate through.  Moreover, they are “dumb” — they contain no intelligence about the application that is being tested and recorded.  The alternative most people use to video is a simple screenshot.  But, screenshots do not tell the whole story of how software is being used – only what happens at the point of the defect.  From our perspective, qTrace is the best tool to document a defect as it tells the whole defect story, screen by screen, mouse-click by mouse-click, and keystroke by keystroke.  Plus it gives all the environment information as well.  qTrace provides an intelligent defect record.

While we think qTrace is the best defect record product out there, I also like to give credit where credit is due.  I was reading Techcrunch and saw an article about  It looks like these guys have some cool technology where they simply embed one or two lines of code in a company’s software and provides a video of how the user is using the software.  It looks like their target user is more geared towards beta users.  I I think one of the benefits of is that it gets embedded in the code and the user is totally unaware of it. That’s nice.  For the developers who receive the files — they get a big dumb video file that they need to navigate through.  On the flip side, qTrace asks that the beta user simply turn qTrace on and then qTrace unobtrusively produces an intelligent record of every mouse-click, keystroke and screen the user went through along with all system information.  Interestingly enough – our largest client has purchased 1,000 licenses of qTrace for tracking the results of beta users as they rolled out a series of new laptops with a set of new applications.

I think there are benefits to both solutions.  Let us know what you like about and perhaps we can try to build some of those features into our roadmap for qTrace.

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