Q&A with Bas Nijjer, QASymphony’s New General Manager of EMEA

Last week we announced the appointment of Bas Nijjer as General Manager of the QASymphony EMEA region. Nijjer previous held leadership positions at several enterprise software companies including Hewlett-Packard, CollabNet and WANDisco.

I sat down with Bas to learn more about him personally and his plans for QASymphony in Europe. Here’s what Bas had to say:

1) Tell us about your background.

Bas NijjerI have been in the enterprise software space for years –I love working with customers and the diversity of projects. Funny enough, I started off as an electronics engineer. Then I transitioned into sales working for software companies like HP, CollabNet and WANDisco.  The world runs on software, it’s an exciting time in the tech industry.

2) What attracted you to QASymphony?

When I started talking to QASymphony, I was intrigued by the opportunity.  Having worked in the software development field, I am very familiar with legacy players like HP Quality Center.

Unlike Quality Center, I could see that QASymphony was all about the new world.  Software development has changed dramatically in the past ten years and and you need a different solution.  QASymphony has developed software for the 21st century and it fits in perfectly with the way people develop and test today.

3) What are some of your plans in EMEA?

It’s simple. We want to make sure everyone knows about us.  We have a great solution.  We have great customers who are wildly enthusiastic about our company. We just want to make sure the message gets out so we can help many more customers.  The opportunity in Europe is wide open.

Right now, I’m focused on building the team and winning new customers.  We are in the process of adding several employees in Europe who have extensive experience in our category.  

4) What do you see as the biggest opportunity for QASymphony in Europe?

The legacy vendors are outdated and expensive, the many low end solutions are not enterprise grade and lack functionality.  QASymphony hits the sweet spot that so many customers are demanding –enterprise grade, modern solutions that fit their agile way of working. Digital transformation is happening everywhere in the enterprise space with critical software requirements for omni channel, cross platform – that’s a huge opportunity for QASymphony to help customers.

5) What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love classic cars.  I’m a big football fan (In Europe we call it football.  Not soccer).  I have season tickets to Chelsea and I go to every home game.  I understand that QASymphony’s CEO Dave Keil likes Arsenal.  So I’m sure we will have a friendly rivalry going during the season.  Family time is also very important to me.  I have a huge family that lives all over the world.  Wherever I go, there’s always someone I can call up.

Looking to get in touch with Bas?  Reach out to him at Basnijjer@qasymphony.com or linkedin.

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