atSistemas + QASymphony – DevOps Spain Event Recap

QASymphony is thrilled to be an atSistemas partner as they continue to transform the DevOps and Agile space in Spain with their cutting-edge team. Last week QASymphony joined atSistemas in sponsoring DevOps Spain in Madrid. Our own, DJ Frank, spoke on building better collaboration between development and testers in a DevOps world.

In the past, developers and testers worked in silos, which was not scalable with the rate software is being developed and released. The shift towards a DevOps approach has put pressure on development teams to hit their release date more accurately and testing teams to ensure higher software quality.

Watch the live video to see how leading organizations are transforming their approach to development and testing using methods like BDD alongside JIRA.

Carlos Cornejo & Ignacio Gines from atSistemas presented on building a culture of transformation. DevOps principles are influencing how to plan, organize and implement IT projects. atSistemas identified a series of key elements in the DevOps transformation. View the slides and learn how to treat infrastructure as a code and aspects related to operations and monitoring here

Special thanks to the other vendors who joined us at the event and spoke on relevant topics in the QA Space. (Atlassian, AppDynamics, RedHat, AWS, Github, Oracle and Docker)

Earlier this year QASymphony joined atSistemas at the ExpoQA Conference centered around the DevOps and Agile era. Read it on their blog here!

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