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We are excited to kick off a new Q&A blog series called “Ask Me Anything”. On Ask Me Anything, you have the chance to ask our community of software testing experts and customers any question of your choice. Our guest(s) will answer the most popular and interesting questions right here on the blog.  We will be sending out tshirts and stickers to the best questions.

We have an incredible group of software testing experts here to help us kick off the first Ask Me Anything Series.  Below you will find a brief bio for each of them including what their main area of expertise is.

Our First Guests Include:

  • Elise Carmichael| Director of Software Engineering at ‎Mobiquity, Inc.
  • Brian Farwick | Principal Software Quality Engineer at Intelligrated
  • Mush Honda | Vice President of Testing at KMS Technology, Inc
  • Leigh Crawford | ‎Director of Quality Delivery at MicroPact

Have a question for one or all of our guests?  Ask below.


And check back here on the blog to see our experts answers to the best questions.


Elise manages a global software engineering and testing organization of 150 people 

Expertise: Custom Software Solutions, Global Team Management, and Training

Elise has worked in the software industry since 2000. Today she manages and runs a global software engineering and testing organization of ~150 people at Mobiquity. At Mobiquity, Elise has created and conducted bootcamp training courses for new employees while leveraging experts in industry to train on platform specific technologies, including iOS, Android, and full stack web.

She is responsible for defining the structure of the day-to-day work of all team members on a project, as well as the overall scrum based agile processes that is followed. Prior to Mobiquity, she worked in logistics for the trucking industry at iGlobal and with online bidding software for the construction industry at Info Tech. She has many years of development experience in a variety of languages, test automation and framework creation experience, and years of technical leadership across a wide variety of domains.

In her spare time, she plays tennis and is an avid musician playing flute and piccolo for the Gainesville Pops!

Have a question for Elise?  Ask here.


Brian’s mission is to bring awareness of quality to the forefront, and not as an afterthought.

Expertise: Test Planning & Design

Brian has been in the QA field for 15+ years, spending almost 10 of those years at Great American Insurance Group.  Today he is responsible for defining and establishing automation strategies and processes for all aspects of software delivery cycle, including UI, Acceptance Testing, Performance Testing, and Tooling.

He is an experienced, Quality orientated person. Brian has a background in HP Quality Management testing tools, but today he leverages qTest Manager, Quality Center, TestRail as test case management tools.  Automation includes Selenium Webdriver, Python, WInRunner, and QTP.

He is passionate about mentoring and helping to up-skill junior members — passing on his quality first mentality.

He is from Cincinnati Ohio.

Have a question for Brian?  Ask here.


Mush is passionate about constant refinements in testing strategy and is always looking for ways to test smarter, with ‘better’ practices!

Expertise: Test Strategies and Team Ramp-ups, Testing ‘Better’ Practices, Test Metrics (that make sense)

Mush Honda is the Vice President of Testing at KMS Technology, Inc. He is a driven IT leader with over 15 years of experience in software testing and practice management. After joining KMS Technology in 2010 as a QA Manager, Mush was named VP of Testing in 2015. His current responsibilities include architecting efficient automation and manual test strategies and processes, while empowering teams to be successful. He has a proven track record of creating, modifying, and innovating on test solutions and bringing them successfully to market. Mush has been featured in several leading industry publications as a thought leader on topics in the QA industry.

Mush has a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic State University and a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai’s M. H. Saboo Siddik.

Have a question for Mush?  Ask here.


Leigh is a driven quality and engineering leader who strives to bring best practices, global team unity, and a passion for quality to each project.

Expertise: Test planning, Global Team Management, Continuous Improvement, Delivering in Crunch Times, Agile Testing, DevOps, Building the Right Team

Leigh Crawford is the Director of Quality Delivery at MicroPact.  She is a recognized QA, Engineering, and Professional Services leader who has a reputation for building successful teams, delivering high quality with a tough schedule, and continuously raising the bar.  Leigh has been testing since her first internship during high school, and quality has been an integral part of every career venture and academic pursuit since.  She is currently responsible for qTest Change Control Board, Agile best practice, Professional Services quality, client success, and a tight-knit testing team to deliver on support and delivery projects. Leigh is best known for her global leadership, team building, test architecture, and client success.  She stays engaged with industry innovation to ensure her organization stands at the forefront of engineering trends while delivering on time, exceeding exit criteria. ensuring high quality and delivering under budget.

Leigh has a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Medical Informatics from Northwestern University.

Leigh is also a AAA/AA ice hockey coach and thoroughly enjoys the game and being a role model to young women (and of course showing them how awesome it is to be a tester!).

Have a question for Leigh?  Ask here.


Have feedback for this new series?  Or is there a certain testing expert  you would like to see featured in this series in the future (maybe it’s you!)?  Let us know on twitter @QASymphony or email us at ginakawalek@qasymphony.

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