AGILE2016 Conference Recap

AGILE2016 Conference

Our team attended the AGILE2016 conference in Atlanta last week.  AGILE offers the opportunity to learn from world-class experts and thought leaders while networking and collaborating with up to 2,500 Agile professionals from over 40 countries.

It was a great event and we are exhausted!

Here are some highlights from the conference:

Jurgen Appelo Managing for Happiness Keynote

Jurgen Appelo gave the opening keynote talk, Managing for Happiness,  Appelo’s message to attendees was– managers don’t understand how to manage and motivate people.  His talked proved powerful and he left the crowd with tangible takeaways to take home and use.  View the slides here.

I really enjoyed hearing his ‘12 Steps to Happiness“, backed by scientific research, that can make people happier and more motivated at work:

  1. Thank someone and be appreciative of your colleagues every single day
  2. Give something to another person or make it possible for others to offer gifts
  3. Help someone who is in need of assistance or enable colleagues to help each other
  4. Eat well, and make good, healthy food available for everyone
  5. Exercise and work out regularly and make it easy for people to take care of their bodies
  6. Rest well, sleep sufficiently and enable colleagues to refresh their minds
  7. Experience new things, try stuff out, and let people run all kinds of experiments
  8. Hike outdoors, enjoy nature, and allow people to escape from the office and the city
  9. Meditate and get people to learn and adopt mindfulness practices
  10. Socialize, relate to other people, and make it easy for colleagues to develop connections
  11. Aim for a goal and get people to understand and realize their own purpose
  12. Smile whenever you can, appreciate humor and get colleagues to engage in fun activities

I have not had a chance to read his book yet, also named Managing for Happiness, but after hearing Jurgen during AGILE2016 I am adding it to my To Read List.

The QASymphony Above Atlanta Happy Hour

We had a fun happy hour at The Sun Dial, one of Atlanta’s most remarkable restaurants, with some thought leaders, customers and prospects in town.  After a long day at the conference, it was nice to get away from the conference to unwind, look at the beautiful views of Atlanta (from 72 stories up!) and hang out with some great people. 

The QASymphony Booth

The booth was home base for the QASymphony team.  We talked to over 200 people, learned about their testing frustrations and needs, and had a ton of fun handing out “Professional Beer Tester” koozies, frisbees, stickers and more.  The “What Kind of Software Tester Are you” Quiz is always a hit at shows– you can take the quiz here if you missed it at our booth.

AGILE2016 was a big success for QASymphony. We look forward to seeing you at StarWest and Atlassian Summit later this year

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