Quality Jam: Agile Test Evolution- Changing Test Strategy Over Time

Agile Test Evolution

Last month Matt Heusser, Managing Director at Excelon Development, and Justin Rohrman , Consulting Software Tester, Excelon Development joined us on stage at Quality Jam to teach us about the agile test evolution. Matt Heusser has been in consulting for many years with companies like Activate and Zappos – over the years he has seen how test strategy changes over time to support more ambitious development approaches. That vantage point gave Matt the opportunity to put together a playbook – a guide to the recurring patterns of success and failure, that he has for teams on the page of continuous improvement.

Watch the free session recording below and flip through the slides to hear Heusser and Rohrman discuss the agile test evolution, a move to a fluency model for Agile-Testing, with real examples.

View the full “Agile Test Evolution: Changing Test Strategy Over Time” session

Check out the slides

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