Agile Delivery with QASymphony and Blueprint [Webinar Recap]

QASymphony has formed a strategic partnership that combines best-in-class requirements management and agile test case management for agile delivery.  We recently hosted a webinar to showcase this partnership featuring Blueprint’s VP of Marketing Ruth Zive and QASymphony’s VP of Strategy and Business Development Kevin Dunne.

In this webinar, Ruth and Kevin discuss the current challenges of increasing speed, reducing costs, and satisfying compliance in the agile delivery model.  For those who didn’t get a chance to attend the webinar, you can always view the webinar on-demand.

View the On-Demand Webinar Here

View the Webinar Slides Below

Key Takeaways to Achieve Agile Delivery

In both traditional and Agile environments, the alignment of requirements and tests is critical for the success of large, complex IT initiatives.  At the close of the webinar, Kevin Dunne did some rap up of some key takeaways that you need to be aware of to achieve agile delivery.  

  • As companies move to Agile, the demand for more closely integrated business planning and testing increases
  • Today’s companies demand best of breed tools for their respective functions, without sacrificing integration
  • Enterprises require unique capabilities related to requirements and test management not addressed in popular agile tools
  • All companies, especially in regulated industries like financial services and insurance demand traceability from design to test

Agile Delivery Demo

Kevin Dunne did a demo of the integration between qTest Manager and Blueprint that shows how to close the requirements and testing loop for accelerated Agile delivery.  Here’s an overview of what he covered:

  • Use Blueprint to document high quality, and clear user stories for test execution.
  • Pull in Blueprint user stories to qTest Manager to align test case coverage.
  • Execute tests and instantly see test execution coverage with qTest Insights.

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