A Bash on the Beach at TestBash

On the eve before the TestBash conference, 70+ people gathered at OhSo Social on the beach in Brighton, UK for a Meet Up. As the libations began to flow, I immediately noticed the international Testing crowd that had converged on our Bash on the Beach with QASymphony. People came from all over – Norway, Canada, the United States and France – to hear the latest trends in their passion and profession. One company even commented that this was their annual team trip and their CEO would fly them out to broaden their perspective, while having more than a bit of fun at the same time.

Deep discussions flowed around the room like debates on the merits of context driven testing, and process efficiency in exploratory testing, but also career advice and networking for potential positions. As many meaningful conversations permeated in the room, there were equally as many conversations that were not so heavy. People discussed international beer and what made their homeland unique. It quickly became apparent to me that something special had been built in Brighton. Some of the brightest minds in testing descend upon this bustling beachside mecca proclaimed as “Little London” once a year to learn more and hone their craft to create better software.

What continues to impress me in the Testing community is that they are a community in the truest sense of the word: they provide support, advice, and go out of their way for others who share a passion for their work in Testing. There are debates that power the process of testing to new heights and a camaraderie that unites those from all walks of life. The international network of these pioneers and professionals is growing stronger, and it will be exciting to see the thought leadership that will help us all grow and learn more to succeed in an ever changing technology driven world.

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