5 STARWEST 2017 Sessions We’re Really Excited About

starwest 2017 session we're excited about

As we head into the final months of conference season, STARWEST is one of our favorite shows of the year. Combine one of the most insightful and pragmatic gatherings with the beautiful scenery of Southern California and can’t help but feel re-engergized to tackle testing head-on.

With STARWEST rapidly approaching, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 talk we’re most looking forward to. In between sessions, be sure to swing by the QASymphony booth to grab some swag to take home for yourself and co-workers.

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5 STARWEST 2017 Sessions We’re Really Excited About

Mary Thorn, Agile Testing at Scale (session details)

Wednesday, October 4 — 1:45pm

Yes, we’ve all been talking about the move to Agile testing for years, but for Enterprise organizations, it isn’t as simple as adding a new tool like Jira. Moving large companies to Agile testing is time-consuming and requires an immense amount of vision and dedication. Mary has extensive experience in QA across the organization-size spectrum and will share her learnings from a 20-year career.

Oscar Garcia & Todd Albers, A Shift in Mindset: From Finding Defects to Preventing Them (session details)

Wednesday, October 4 — 3:00pm

Oscar and Todd will put a spotlight on the old “ready for test” way of thinking. The two will share successful approaches to emphasizing software quality from the start, teaching developers how to find bugs themselves and vocalizing why and how QA teams should be involved early and often throughout the development lifecycle.

Paul Merrill, Machine Learning: Will It Take Over Testing? (session details)

Wednesday, October 4 — 3:00pm

Paul spoke at Quality Jam 2017 and was one of the most intriguing speakers of the conference. In this talk, Paul looks into the (not-so-distant) future to understand what impact machine learning might have on testing. What is machine learning? What can it learn? And will machine learning replace testing jobs? Paul shares his learnings from experts and leaders in the field.

Geoff Meyer, Leverage Big Data and Analytics for Testing (session details)

Thursday, October 5 — 9:45am

Between engineering, testing and sales, organizations generate a ton of data points. And this data can be leveraged in meaningful, powerful ways to improve software testing. Geoff will share his experience with Dell EMC and how they use data to optimize test efforts when planning, executing and communicating those efforts.

Adam Auerbach, Testing and DevOps: Organizations and Their Culture Must Change (session details)

Wednesday, October 4 — 10am

As the DevOps wave crashes down on the industry, traditional team order is shattering and new structure and technical skills must be developed to succeed. Adam brings his experiences to explain how developers and testers can join together to lead organizational and cultural change to realize the many benefits the DevOps transformation brings.

We hope to see you in Anaheim. If you won’t be there, check out our events page to see if we’ll be at a conference near you.

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