4 Reasons Why QASymphony is the Best Place to Work

I am honored to announce that QASymphony has been selected as #11 in the small business category of the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2015 Best Places to Work. It is especially impactful because the results are based on employee survey, so it makes me very happy that like me, all my teammates believe that QASymphony is the Best Place to Work.

In my opinion, there are a few things that make us standout…

1. Great Culture

The people definitely make QASymphony. We have a “Culture Club” that plans monthly outings and whether it be a Braves game, laser tag, or volunteering in the Atlanta community, we have great time together. Even with all the fun, we also have also worked hard to build a strong culture of accountability where people are rewarded for their hard work. We have attracted a team of people that thrive in that atmosphere, and that has been very powerful to our success.

2. Open Communication

We have a monthly all company update meeting where we discuss all facets of what is going on, giving every team member visibility into the organization. This fosters a supportive environment where everyone is comfortable to ask questions and be completely informed on where the company is headed. Not many organizations have the privilege or the want to be so transparent with their entire team.

3. Global Organization

With half of our team in Vietnam, we are a global company and have really embraced Vietnamese culture. Atlanta team members frequently visit Vietnam and vice versa, learning immensely from each other. Our 12 hour time zone difference culture definitely makes us unique.

4. Competitive Advantage

Because of the significant investment that our founders made in the product and the experience they had, we have a huge advantage over our competition. Everyone loves to play for a winning team!

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