2016 Test Management Trends [Video]

2016 Test Management

The new year has arrived, and test managers are ready to revamp their test management strategies for a successful 2016. Here are the biggest trends in test management to watch this year.

Watch the video below: 2016 Test Management Trends

Agile development and testing will finally reach critical mass in 2016, with 85 percent of respondents to an ISTQB report seeking certification. Soon enough, this approach will be the norm, so anyone behind the times needs to catch up quick.

Test managers are also leveraging exploratory testing solutions, moving away from scripted tests and giving end users more freedom to find their own best practices.

Finally, 2016 will see changes in individual test management policies, such as Testing Center of Excellence programs, according to Evoke. These trends will pave the way for success in the new year.

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